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Cubes Holding

Empowering Patients And Healthcare Providers With Cubes Medical Avant-Garde Solutions

Cubes Medical is a one-stop solution for all your medical needs in Saudi Arabia. We specialize in offering detailed hospital services comprising radiology, dental, dermatology, Cosmetics, general surgery, medical laboratories, and supplies. Apart from this, we also provide Non-medical, supply, installation, and maintenance of medical devices. We aim to help healthcare providers deliver top-rated patient care. Since the launch of Vision 2030, Cubes Medical has been working toward innovating the healthcare system in the region by intersecting medicine with technology.

Cubes Medical is harnessing technology to enhance clinical care in Saudi Arabia, bridging the medical-technology divide by delivering creative approaches that help patients and healthcare staff.

We provide a comprehensive range of healthcare supplies and equipment to healthcare organizations, comprising testing tools, surgical tools, and hospital furnishings. This helps guarantee that medical personnel has access to the resources they require to offer patients high-quality treatment.

Not only this, but our experts also use AI tools to streamline and automate several aspects of genome testing, making it more accurate and accessible. AI tools help our professionals analyze genetic data hassle-free and provide real-time insights to healthcare providers.

One of our significant services is medical equipment processing and preparation. We make use of progressive sterilization techniques for cleaning and disinfecting medical supplies. This makes sure that they are perfectly fit for use in patient care. In addition to this, we also help our clients with regular repair services and maintenance to make sure that their supplies are working properly and meet all regulatory needs.

We ensure to remain innovative and become the trusted partner for healthcare innovation. We guarantee to provide the latest products to the customers knowing the standards and their requirements. We also offer a range of consulting services with the aim of assisting hospitals in enhancing their patient care outcomes.

Establish Year


Business line





Software Development

2.000.000 SAR

45 Employee


  • Support of medical devices and equipment
  • Supplying hospital supplies and non-medical complexes
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Establishing and equipping medical laboratories