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Cubes Holding

Cube Industrial: The Manufacturing Partner You Can Count On With Unmatched Expertise

Cubes Industrial is a Saudi Arabian manufacturing organization that focuses on offering industrial solutions to enterprises. We possess a variety of commercial, industrial, and engineering competencies that allow us to deliver effective solutions to our customer’s demands. To exceed our customers’ expectations, we buy raw materials from top-rated suppliers and renowned international organizations. Based on the client’s requirements, we make the required changes so that we have a top-notch product of high quality.

Cube Industrial’s cutting-edge facilities and equipment are a fundamental strength of our manufacturing services. We have an extensive, contemporary production facility outfitted with cutting-edge technology and equipment, including CNC machines, welding machines, and various testing and inspection instruments. This enables us to produce high-quality components with precision and accuracy, guaranteeing they match the industry’s most stringent requirements.

We are dedicated to sustainability and environmental duty in addition to our innovative production skills. We attempt to reduce their environmental effect by utilizing eco-friendly products and methods whenever feasible, as well as stringent waste management and recycling policies.

Keeping in mind about the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI), which is a prior intimation led by Saudi Arabia to reduce the regional impact caused by climate change and coordinate to fulfill global environmental objectives, we strive hard to drive eco-friendly agricultural growth in Saudi Arabia.

With the aim to support the country’s food security and economic growth, we work hard to expand our offerings and play an active role in the development of a sustainable and productive agricultural sector. We provide agricultural gear and equipment, such as tractors, plows, and irrigation facilities, to farmers across the region. Not only this, but we also address the challenges like harsh desert climates and limited water resources to support the agricultural growth in the region.

As a renowned industrial firm, our USP is industrial automation services. Our experts first analyze the customer’s demands and understand their requirements. Based on that, they provide various solutions to assist them in automating their manufacturing processes, improving productivity, and lowering costs. This involves the design and implementation of tailored automation systems, as well as continuous support and maintenance.

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  • Agriculture
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  • Aluminum manufacturing
  • Manufacturing for agricultural