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Cubes Holding

Cubes Hub Entertainment: Raising The Benchmark For Entertainment In Saudi Arabia

CubesHub is a Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based entertainment and management service firm that specializes in event management, artist management, and production services for public and private events. We have expertise in providing various services to assist customers in creating an unforgettable and pleasant experience for their customers.

We create, design, deliver, and arrange excellent entertainment events and experiences to enhance the experience of attendees and bring a grin to their faces. We have arranged several entertainment events and continue to have high hopes of hosting entertainment activities and experiences that adhere to global standards.

Event management is one of our most demanded and used services by our clients. We work closely with customers to create and execute events that are tailored to their individual demands and specifications. This involves everything from site selection and logistics to cuisine, entertainment, and video production.

Apart from event management services, we also offer artist and talent management services. We showcase a broad range of performers, artists, and entertainers, intending to assist our clients in selecting the right talent for their business. Our motive is to help them make a wise selection that helps them stand ahead of their competitors.

Finally, we can turn out to be a beneficial partner for corporations and people wishing to conduct public or private activities in Saudi Arabia, with an emphasis on event planning, talent management, and production services.

Establish Year


Business line





Software Development

2.000.000 SAR

45 Employee


  • Artist & Talents Management
  • Marketing and PR Project
  • Network
  • Event Management
  • Media Production